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A collaboration between New Noveta, Elena Bushueva and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson.
As part of the Psychic Communities project curated by Letitia Calin and Sholto Dobie.

Psychic Communities is a programme of exhibitions and events curated by Letitia Calin and Sholto Dobie at The Horse Hospital, looking at community-forming mechanisms that operate beyond
verbal and visual transmission through sensual, spiritual, embodied or tacit forms of connection.
As part of the programme, The Horse Hospital will host Drift Fright a one-week residency for artists New Noveta, Elena Bushueva and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson to consider how anxiety and other invisible disabilities can be made perceivable and explore their mediation through sensory performance practices, bodies and audio-visual technology.

Trapped in Drift Fright

Around the walls, the bed * We cutting, find the flow***Flee, but while fleeing, pick up a weapon Now, levels will be layered for the love of disruption***The head, wrangles

Crossing over crossing***makes drills see the person***Opening new lines of panic and joy.

New Noveta (the Taskers) are trapped in Drift Fright, a sinister force that prevents their leaving and is the current that transmits them, where co-performers Elena Bushueva (the Judge) and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson (Remote Viewer) mediate and weaponise their Drift in the Horse Hospital.

Disturbing the construction of the real: through projection, and digital avatars, temporal zones within and without the Horse Hospital, give time, presence and technology a life of its own. The Drift Fright is a current that carries this panic, sinister currents of city: but also a galvanising weapon.

Costumes by the Contemporary Wardrobe, Live composition and sound mixing by Vindicatrix, Make up by Crystabel Riley, Hair by Adriano D’Astolto, Nails by Pem Pem Nailz, 
Filmed by Amy Gwatkin